Enjoy your retirement without financial burden.

How can equity release help you enjoy your retirement?


Living costs are on a constant rise. Inflation is at its all-time high and the worst thing about it is that there is no expectation for the prices to fall. While the prices will continue to increase, there will be a constant shortfall in income generation and this would particularly apply to retirement income i.e, pension. In view of this, it is best advised to plan for your retirement well in advance. However, for people who are already in this phase, there is an option available too - and that is to release equity from their home. Equity release from your residential property is an increasingly popular choice among most people over 50 who are looking at enjoying their retirement life without too many hassles.


Equity release - the logical decision


When it comes to living a good life, it is inevitable to improve your living standards. After having spent almost a lifetime looking after your kids and their needs, retirement phase is definitely time to sit back, relax and enjoy the last few years of your life with your partner. It is during this phase that you would want to have a regular income flow so that you don’t have to worry about your basic necessities, medical needs, etc. Many people may also want to travel and experience the different cultures of the world, now that they have no professional commitments to worry about. In view of all of this, equity release option can definitely be a very logical decision.


What is equity release - a quick checklist?


Equity release is a financing option available for people over the age of 50. With equity release, you can either opt for a lifetime mortgage equity release scheme or choose home reversion plans. The home reversion plans are not quite common among people.

Of the two options available for equity release, the lifetime mortgage schemes are more popular. This option will offer you an option to take a lumpsum amount from the lender on the property. This amount will be based on several factors like your age, the value of your property or whether you are in need of a single lumpsum payment or a minimum lumpsum payment with ongoing monthly payments. There is also an option of a drawdown facility according to which a minimum lumpsum amount is paid at the outset followed by a drawdown option of making payments whenever you need.


The biggest benefit of opting for an equity release option would be the fact that you can continue to stay in your property for life and retain its ownership rights. Also the flexibility of no monthly payments keep you without any financial burden.


Releasing equity from your house is definitely an important decision. There are a few pros and cons of opting for an equity release scheme. It is best to seek advice from an independent equity release specialist. This will help you weigh your options and take the right decision that will liberate you financially.






Our happy clients...

When I wanted to send my son for his higher studies, I was worried on arranging necessary funds. That’s when I came across Asset For Life. The company helped me release equity from my home without nay trouble. My son is happy where he is and I’m sure my decision of opting for equity release has given him the right start he needed for his professional career ahead. Thanks!
Connor Crawford


After I got retirement, I wanted to go on a holiday with my spouse. This was a decision I had taken long time ago and to fulfill it I know what I needed to do. I contacted Assets For Life for opting for an equity release option. This worked well for us and I could enjoy my littel vacation with my partner.
Edward Woodward