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Market Leading Brokerage Manchester Equity Release

Equity release has slowly but surely garnered the interest of a lot of people who are nearing the age of retirement. Equity release schemes and their current offers are finally finding their mark and are finally attracting their target market. The reason behind this lies in the fact that usually people who retire these days don’t have a lot of savings either to spend on themselves after retirement or to make any investments for their children. This is where the market leading brokerage Manchester Equity Release have come to the assistance of retirees over the past 6½ years.

The objective of all equity release schemes is to help retirees benefit from the option of getting cash in hand to do whatever they like. In such cases, going to market leading brokerage Manchester Equity Release remains a great idea for every person who wants the best life mortgage plan that fits their needs. With due care & attention to detail they can provide impartial & independent equity release advice for anyone over the age of 55 & owning their own property with little, or no mortgage.

The Manchester Equity Release can be simply thought as the Google of equity release programs, schemes and offers. For people over 55 who want to get equity release in order to get access to a good amount of cash would find the Manchester Equity Release the best place to fish around. They are becoming one of the most prominent equity release brokerages for releasing equity in the UK

There are a number of benefits of searching for lifetime mortgage deals that fit your requirements on the Manchester Equity Release website. Firstly, there are so many exclusive deals and special offers for the people as far as life time mortgage plans are concerned that you would be spoilt for choice. Getting spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an equity release option might seem to be unhelpful but when you get sound advice too from the rates at present, the choice becomes bliss without a doubt.


Excellent, Qualified, Certified Advice

With excellent advice that is offered after the adviser’s understanding of your current situation & needs, you will feel reassured their best intentions are at heart. Whether you want to make a gift with the money released to your sons and daughters to help them make their lives, you can remain assured that you will be able to choose the right plan with the advice.

Advisers at the Supermarket are FCA regulated and part of the Equity Release Council. They have undergone schooling and proper examination to gain certification to work in the equity release market. This certainly helps you feel comfortable with the person you are working with. Furthermore, you know that they understand more than just one product. They understand each product you can compare on their website. To make matters even more interesting they are to launch a new ways to release equity from your home website with new features and user friendly tools.


Applying for Equity Release

Since the Manchester Equity Release is helping you locate a company you wish to apply to for equity release like a lifetime mortgage or home reversion plan, it is important to understand the process.

• You must be at least 55 years of age. If you have a spouse they also must meet the age requirement. A person can be older, but the youngest person on the mortgage can be no younger than 55.

• A health questionnaire is required for two purposes. The first is to determine if the person applying qualifies for the enhanced lifetime mortgage, which offers a larger lump sum with an expected quick pay back. The second is to ascertain life expectancy. If there are any health issues you may see a larger lump sum even with the traditional lifetime mortgage.

• The house you own needs to have a value of at least 60,000 pounds. It can have a lot more obviously, but the thought is for homeowners to take out at least £10,000 for the primary lump sum taken. With at least £60,000 property valuation this leaves enough of equity to be used for personal interests and enough to be left for inheritance purposes.


Inheritance Guarantee

Your equity release adviser and the Manchester ER can help you with gaining a lifetime mortgage from your lifetime mortgage advisor. This guarantee has to be entered into before the lifetime mortgage. It states there is a certain percentage of the home that is not contained in the mortgage product for use as equity or even to pay the interest back. It is a protection to ensure your beneficiaries are able to get a little something after you are gone especially since the house often has to be sold to repay the lifetime mortgage after you die or move out.

All in all, by using market leading brokerage Manchester Equity Release, you can get to know about all the equity deals that you can opt for, so as to easily release tax-free money from your home and to spend it on things you consider the most important for yourself! 

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Our happy clients...

When I wanted to send my son for his higher studies, I was worried on arranging necessary funds. That’s when I came across Asset For Life. The company helped me release equity from my home without nay trouble. My son is happy where he is and I’m sure my decision of opting for equity release has given him the right start he needed for his professional career ahead. Thanks!
Connor Crawford


After I got retirement, I wanted to go on a holiday with my spouse. This was a decision I had taken long time ago and to fulfill it I know what I needed to do. I contacted Assets For Life for opting for an equity release option. This worked well for us and I could enjoy my littel vacation with my partner.
Edward Woodward